If the deceased is to be cremated, we will arrange this with the crematorium. We can advise you on your options regarding the ashes.

The final resting place is flexible, either in line with the deceased’s wishes or even to provide a focal point for the family like a biotree. We can advise you on your options. Cremation entails the buying of a casket or coffin for the mortal remains, then being exclusively reduced to ashes by a cremator. The ashes are placed into an urn for the family to take care of.

Compared with a funeral service and a burial, cremation is a simpler and more cost effective choice. Before cremation takes place you must decide on:

  • Straight cremation
  • Funeral service to be held before cremation
  • Memorial service to be held after cremation


The crematorium service can be held in addition to, or in place of, a complete or memorial service and is usually attended by close family and friends only.


Cremated remains can be interred or scattered in a number of ways. This decision is either stipulated in the last will of the deceased or the family is able to find the most suitable resting place. Thom Kight & Company can assist you with options and guide you through the process. If need be Thom Kight & Company can also obtain official permits as well as purchase chosen plots or grounds on your behalf. Beautiful ash urns for all occasions can be selected from our showroom.

Options to inter ash urns include fixed locations such as existing family graves, newly purchased burial plots in cemeteries, churchyards or memorial places in natural grounds or even in your own garden. Thom Kight & Company has a number of above-earth burial units in a mausoleum at the Westpark Cemetery in Johannesburg. We can assist and negotiate with other cemeteries of your choice on your behalf. In this way, the family ensures a lasting resting place of remembrance to visit.

Depending on last wishes, tradition or belief, cremated remains can also be scattered in familiar or alien locations. These include your own garden, a special tree or flowerbed. Scattering ashes in alien locations such as the sea or a meaningful place outside home was the expressed wish of the deceased. If the fulfilment of this wish entails an official permit, Tom Kight & Company will obtain it on your behalf.


Unique possibilities of the disposal of cremated remains include a Biotree as offered by Thom Kight & Company. The ashes are placed at the bottom of the Biotree container for the selected tree to grow, creating new life. A further and more modern option is the use of memorial jewellery as offered by Thom Kight & Company. Beautiful standard or custom made pieces can house the cremated remains of your loved one to be always close-by and as heirlooms.

Thom Kight & Company’s International Division has an extremely experienced team who can assist with the repatriation of cremated remains to and from any country according to strict international standards.

  • Interment
  • Scattering
  • International repatriation
  • Biotree focal point


Managing the Practicalities and Paperwork

Where we can, we arrange all the required documents for you, including:



Obtaining a Notification of Death (BI-1663) from the relevant authorities.



Obtaining the death certificate from the Department of Home Affairs.



Obtaining the required documentation for burial or cremation.

We strictly adhere to the COVID-19 Regulations applicable in each country.

For religious rights, in case of Judaism or Muslim if being shipped to certain countries, the State Health Department issues documentation to exclude embalming.

For international repatriation, we liaise with the relevant embassy or consulate as well as with the South African Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) to obtain the necessary permits.

Saying Goodbye With Respect And Dignity

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Whatever you choose, and wherever you choose to hold it, we can help you create a meaningful service.